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tSquared on Radio Silence

Let me start by saying: “Rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated”  Too cheesy? Perhaps, but the sentiment is accurate. We have received numerous versions of this question over the past few months, probably due to our reduced posting on our various social channels. However, we are pleased to say that tSquared is very much up and running and, even better, we are thriving! These past few months have been anything but quiet for us, and I’m going to attempt to provide a quick run down of that now.

The big news is without a doubt our complete redesign of the Wise Owl Playschool website. The previous site was skeuomorphic design which had grown to look dated alongside the slick new operating systems employed by Google and Apple handheld devices. We therefore redesigned the site with this in mind, and are really happy with the result. For more information on the redesign, please read our blog post on the project. Some of the feedback we have been getting has been amazing, and we are delighted with how well this has gone. If you have anything you’d like to say about the site, or to investigate have a redesign done of your site, please get in touch.

Outside of tSquared, both Tom and I have hardly had a moment to stop and breathe, let alone eat (although we are students after all, we’ll be fine!). Our work with the University of Southampton has taken us to exciting new fields (as far away as Toronto!), and connected us to a wealth of new people. Our work with the Business School on Co-Created Learning has taken off, and it is massively exciting to start seeing some of that work reaping rewards. We have also both continued in our roles as Digital Champions, something we both love doing and have a massive enthusiasm for. This has allowed us to take part in a wide array of events, either helping with Social Media, or simply attending talks from some of the biggest names in technology. Finally, we have been working with Southampton City Council and the University in our role as Digital Champions, and this has resulted in us being given the opportunity to create the website for the Southampton Citizen Science Research Project, and also for the People’s Panel of Southampton. This was massively exciting, and we really appreciated the opportunity to be able to do this. The site is currently still under-development, but we will of course update you when it goes live.

Now, this wouldn’t be a post that explained to you what we’d been up to over the past few months, if I didn’t tell you what we we have planned for the future! For Tom and I, the summer is anything but a break! tSquared are currently working hard on an entirely new site for a client in Devon (more details available soon so keep your eye out!)  which is fantastic, as the business came direct from feedback and traffic to the Wise Owl site re-design. As individuals, we are also working on a huge variety of things: developing online learning materials for Queensland University, creating an online “Welcome Pack” of activities for the University of Southampton’s Business School, continuing our work with Southampton City Council and much more.

tSquared are also actively engaged with a number of potential clients, which although fantastic is quickly filling up our available time over the coming months. If you want to ensure your business has a visible online presence in the form of both a website and Social Media channels, please get in touch with us. This is a fantastic chance to get involved in the future of a start-up company, with two individuals who really understand what you need, and how best to tailor digital content to this.

So, busy busy busy! That hopefully explains what we’ve been up, where we’re at now, and all the brilliant things we have coming up. I almost don’t need to write this, but follow and like your way over to our Social Channels (see the get in touch section of our site), and if you want your business to embrace the digital age, you know who to call!