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The tSquared New Hire!

We are very excited to share with you today our latest news. This is the hiring of a new staff member, Theo Smith. This is how Theo introduces himself on our website:

“Hi everyone, I’m Theo. I’m currently studying a BSc in Geography at Exeter University and joined tSquared about year after it was first set up. My role at tSquared centers around Business Development and I work with a number of local clients to see whether tSquared can provide exciting digital solutions for them. I am always looking for exciting new ways to engage customers online, and have a wide variety of interests and experience as a result. I also have experience in Social Media Management, having set up and managed a blog as well as Twitter and Facebook pages for a local company, before joining tSquared.
Like everyone here, I have a big love for the local area, and this is something I am keen to express to all of my clients. The last couple of summers I have been lucky enough to be at work on the wonderful beaches we have in Dorset. Firstly, I worked as a member of the Ice Cream Boat team (you may have seen us around!) and then, most recently, as a member of the RNLI’s Face-to-Face team.
Now at tSquared, I am more excited than ever to learn even more about Poole, and to help your business reach the next level of digital engagement.”

While people have speculated that hiring Theo will cause a rebranding to tCubed, we can confirm this is not in the pipeline! Instead we will be focusing on providing fantastic websites and helping more customers than ever with their Digital Marketing. We have a number of projects underway at the moment, and will be keeping you up to date with them on our website and various Social Channels.

We look forward to being able to engage with more clients than ever thanks to our increased capacity. Please get in touch with us if you would like us to help you with your digital marketing and general online presence.