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SeaView Site Launch

Good Afternoon everyone! We hope you’ve been enjoying the gorgeous weather of the past week or so down here in the South. We’ve been lucky enough to be working from Poole, Dorset recently, and have found plenty of time to soak up the sun! However, it has not all been rest and relaxation, and we are delighted to now be able to share that we have finished our latest site.
This site is for SeaView, a fantastic rental property in Cornwall. The property features stunning views, is in a great location and even has access to a private beach! You can view the website at www.seaviewcornwall.com, and we welcome any feedback you can offer. Site development was undertaken in just under 3 months, and we are proud of the high quality of work and quick turnaround to enable the site to be live for the summer season. Working with the owners of SeaView has been a breeze, they have been very helpful at providing materials for the site, and we hope they are happy with the finished outcome.
The website includes images of the property, a map and the ability for users to book a stay and leave a review, all with minimal effort required from the owners. The benefits of this rather than using a third party rental service are clear and we firmly believe that the site will make managing the property far easier for the owners. Additionally, we have allowed all users to leave reviews directly on the website, and even designed a little logo for the property.
If you have a similar property, or indeed need a website for another purpose, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us. All our sites are bespoke and tailor-made, which is why you will find no prices on our website. We instead want to engage with all clients, so we can best understand their needs and ensure the finished product reflects this. As a business, we are making big strides towards expanding, and it is fantastic to be getting busier and busier. If you are interested in supporting or in being part of a startup, again, please get in contact with us! We are currently working on several projects so make sure to keep your eyes and ears pointed toward our social media feeds for all the latest news.
I’d just like to close by encouraging you all again to have a look at the new site and if you love it enough, maybe even book a stay there – we can highly recommend!

Thanks for reading!