Wise Owl Playschool

Wise Owl are an OFSTED Outstanding rated playschool in the local area. When we first engaged with Wise Owl, they were based in a Methodist Church¬†at Ashley Cross and had no website or online presence. Since then, they have moved into lovely new surroundings in the gardens of Compton Acres, and have an equally lovely (in our humble opinion!) website to go alongside. Whilst working with Wise Owl we have helped digitise a number of documents, create photo galleries and craft news articles. Since its creation, the site has been used over 5,000 times, which we are absolutely delighted with. It is our pleasure to continue to work with the staff and keep their website updated, even if it does mean having to get up early on snow days to provide that all important closure notice! (A service we are of course happy to provide) The site is available at www.wiseowlplayschool.co.uk – we’d love it if you could take a look!¬†

From the original site, we have also completed a redesign of the site in April of 2016, and this super-seceded the old site.