Southampton Citizen Science Project

We are currently involved in the active administration and technical support of a ground-breaking Citizen Science project.

The Southampton Citizen Science project is new way of communicating between Southampton’s citizens and the Council about the services that local government provide. Citizens act as the researchers who discover information and feed it back to the council so that they can improve the way that they offer services to everyone. We maintain a Facebook group and ensure effective communication between the citizen scientists. This allows for feedback and exchange of results over a digital and easily-accessible platform, something that has never been done before.

In the Spring of 2016, we also produced a website for the project, to showcase the outcomes of the research in the project. The website was well received by all, and was a really interesting project to work on given the intersection of academia and public sector. The website is avaliable to view on and also contains more information about the project.

The Southampton Citizen Science project is a collaboration between Southampton City Council and the University of Southampton.