SeaView Cornwall

In Spring 2017, we produced a website for a rental property in Cornwall. The property is in a fantastic location, with gorgeous views and even access to a private beach. The website includes a booking system, allowing the owners of the property to manage all of their bookings directly from the site. We produced dedicated tutorials to allow them to do this, and we believe they are very happy with the site.
It is available for viewing here: – have a look, and feel free to book a stay there!

We were approached around a year and a half ago now, by a local client who owned property in Norwich, and wished to create a website to allow her to advertise the site. The initial plan was to create a site that the client would be able to maintain and edit at her end. However, as the project evolved, it was decided that we would take on the maintenance of the site. Since the site has been up and running, the house has not been empty as before. Attracting over 1,500 unique visitors over the summer, having a website has facilitated a massive amount of interest. The site is available for viewing at – who knows; you might love it so much you want to move to Norwich!