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tSquared are unique Dorset-based Digital Media Consultants. We are here to give you what you want – more customers and increased client engagement.

We can help you develop an online presence, by creating Social Media accounts, a website, and by registering you on industry specific online directories.  We will then funnel our expertise into managing and growing this presence. We respond to local events and interact with the public online to engage them in content about your business, ultimately driving up interest and sales.

All packages are bespoke, and this is why you will find no pricing information on our site. If you would like to engage with us to forge your business’ online presence together, please get in touch using the form at the bottom of the site.


tSquared Services on Offer

Social Media

Our key area, and the one we believe is the most important for your business, is Social Media. We can optimise content and interactions by creating and updating accounts on the services we believe are most relevant to your business. We will weave a balance between primary material (such as pictures from your business) and secondary material (customer feedback).

Ultimately, our goal is to manage your Social Media accounts in a way that you are comfortable with and that will increase interest online, giving you more satisfied customers. We would love to hear from here and listen to what you are looking for.

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Web Design

tSquared has a great web design package specifically designed for small businesses and organisations, who want an individual online presence.

We will work with you at every stage of production, to ensure that you are happy with all elements of the site design before we go live. All sites are built on a service that is entirely web based, meaning that once the site is produced, there is scope for a direct input from you.

If you already have a strong site in place we are equally happy to support you in keeping the contact fresh. Get in touch to learn more.

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Online Presence

Get the exposure right. There are many Social Media platforms and services around right now and not all of them will be right for you. The best example of this is Tripadvisor: key for those in the hospitality industry, but not as important for our local electricians!

This is why we continuously research the available services online and recommend what is right for your needs. We take the effort out of these services by ensuring your customers get a response, and your business looks great. This builds your brand and strengthens customer relationships.

We make it easy for you to deliver excellent digital customer engagement.

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Our Staff


tSquared is run by two Tom’s – Tom Davidson and Tom Rowledge. We are both Web Science Undergraduate students, studying the continuing impact of the Web on society at the University of Southampton, placing us in an incredible environment to understand emerging online trends. We are both from Poole, and have a huge affection for the area, the attractions and the people that make it such a great place to live. Together we hope to provide an approachable, jargon-free and friendly service to help you engage with a new marketing frontier.

Tom D

Hi! You will have learnt much about me from the text to the left, so I’ll keep it brief. As stated, I am a Web Science student, and my areas of interest are in Web Design, Social Network Analysis and the potential of Big Data for industry. Being on the Web Science course has allowed me to work in fantastic environments, and with some of the brightest minds currently studying the web. This has enabled me to grow the interest in technology that I have had since a young age. I am incredibly excited to be involved in tSquared, as it allows me to connect my three passions: technology, helping people and Poole!

I really enjoy watching the online presence of businesses grow, and the amazement as people discover the untapped potential of Social Media, and the benefits of having a professional online presence

Tom R

I’m Tom R, currently studying towards a BSc in Web Science at the University of Southampton. My interests lie in Social Media Marketing and Security on the Web, and I am involved in a number of projects focusing on these topics. The growth and evolution of Social Media has been of great interest to me, and I believe that it is now the primary method for a massive amount of customer interaction. Therefore, I am of the opinion it is invaluable to business and I am very excited to be working at tSquared to help businesses local to me embrace this.



Hi, my name is Aaron, I am currently studying a BA in Three Dimensional Design at Plymouth University. I aim to provide graphical and design solutions for the teams work, anything ranging from logos, business cards, website models and brand identities. I believe social media and its partners are fundamental in business growth and publicity but also providing channels to connect their customers. I am extremely excited to be working for tSquared, but also to see local business and companies expand, hopefully with the help of our services here at tSquared.


Hi everyone, I’m Theo. I’m currently studying a BSc in Geography at Exeter University and joined tSquared about year after it was first set up. My role at tSquared centres around Business Development and I work with a number of local clients to see whether tSquared can provide exciting digital solutions for them. I am always looking for exciting new ways to engage customers online, and have a wide variety of interests and experience as a result. I also have experience in Social Media Management, having set up and managed a blog as well as Twitter and Facebook pages for a local company, before joining tSquared.

Like everyone here, I have a big love for the local area, and this is something I am keen to express to all of my clients. The last couple of summers I have been lucky enough to be at work on the wonderful beaches we have in Dorset. Firstly, I worked as a member of the Ice Cream Boat team (you may have seen us around!) and then, most recently, as a member of the RNLI’s Face-to-Face team.

Now at tSquared, I am more excited than ever to learn even more about Poole, and to help your business reach the next level of digital engagement.

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